Storm Wind Damage

Typhoon damage insurance claims can be messy. It’s very easy to get confused over what is and is not covered. Today, we’re highlighting the successful methods you can use to manage your tornado damage insurance claim– and maximize your claim pay out from the insurance provider.

Will my business owners policy insurance cover my thunderstorm damage?

Some tornado damage is covered by a standard Business Owners Policy (BOP) insurance policy, while other damage is not covered.

Typically, anyone who lives in a hurricane-prone area will be required to obtain additional cyclone insurance to cover hurricane damage. Those who live near the coast of the United States, for example, may not be by default covered for tornado damage under their typical home insurance coverage.

Additionally, the type of damage and how that damage was triggered also impacts whether it’s covered. Many home insurance coverage cover wind damage, for example, however not all policies cover flood damage. Hurricanes can bring both high winds and flood surges, which is one factor why tornado damage insurance claims are complicated.

Whether you are covered for tornado damage or not depends upon:

The type of damage
How the damage was triggered (flooding damage, wind damage, and so on). The type of house owner coverage you acquired  regular home insurance or a specific tornado insurance coverage).

Where you live.

Based upon all of these factors, your tornado damage may or may not be covered. Read your home insurance coverage to confirm that you have tornado coverage.

If you suffered damage from a thunderstorm and require help ascertaining if your property damage is covered or how to continue, a public insurance adjuster can aid with a complimentary initial policy evaluation and insurance claim case examination.

We offer our knowledge in the following events:.

Typhoon– on top of preparing and submitting your claim, our adjusters can assist you acquire a reasonable pay out for damages triggered by a tropical cyclone.

Cyclone– make sure a rapid recovery from a cyclone with our tornado claims adjusting and consulting services.

Tropical thunderstorm– filing property damage or loss due to a tropical thunderstorm can be challenging. Let our adjusters assist you every step of the way.

Wind thunderstorm– our team will help you with preparing and settling residential or business wind damage claims. Strong windstorms can cause more than just an untidy garden in your neighborhood, in some circumstances, major damage can take place to your roof.

Hail storm– after a hail storm damaged your property, we will take the responsibility of submitting a claim out of your hands so you can concentrate on restoring.

Lightning Strike Damage – Lightning can be extremely common. Lightning is commonly connected with strong hurricanes, high winds, and hail. After a big lightning storm, trees that have been hit will typically have broken limbs, and if these limbs are close enough to your home, they will be picked up by the wind and tossed around, triggering intense damage to a roofing system, walls, windows, and screen enclosures. Make sure to document the damages prior to clearing away or disposing any products from a lightning storm. Lightning is also understood to cause significant electrical problems in properties and businesses. Home appliances, security systems, and home electronics are usually the very first to suffer damages. A lightning strike that touches a roofing system can create roof damage and an opening to make it possible for water to enter into the attic and home.

Getting your own public insurance adjuster involved in your case early can assist you get paid fairly and avoid claim submission mistakes we typically see in catastrophe scenarios. Don’t hesistate for your claim to be underpaid or denied. A public insurance adjuster is skilled to represent your best interest, document damages, file and negotiate your claim with the insurance provider. Call us for a FREE case evaluation (502) 383-3051

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